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How umbrellas work is that they are either for shoot through, or for reflecting the light. The latter can be either a silver reflector, that will cast a strong and hard light, or another reflecting umbrella type, which can be for example a golden colour. This will give your subject a nicer look in skin tones.
The shoot through are mainly made of a white translucent material, it will soften the light, and because they are so easy to take with you, they are good to have in a travel kit, for shooting portraits outside. Maybe using a portable studio setup, consisting of speed lights, with some selected light modifiers, where the umbrellas are good because they are lite and very useful. It is a wedding photographer chosen tool.

Information: Umbrellas for photography are just like those you use in rainy weather. Without a handle and the fabric mostly of a white translucent colour. Used for sending the light through the umbrella.
Other umbrellas are made of a silver or golden plastic, on the inside, and are mend meant for bouncing the light, back off the umbrella, on to the subject.
On Amazon, a set of three umbrellas can be found from £18.00 (white, silver and golden).

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