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Homemade gels

I had some gels for my speed light, a set of 30 pieces. When I got my snoot, I quickly found out, that I could make some nice effects, using the gel-discs that came with the snoot. I then cut some discs of thick paper, and cut a disc out from that, so I had a ring of paper. On that ring, I then glued some of the speed light gels; they just suited in a way, so I could cut out two new gels from one. I went through my gels, and found the colours I wanted to use with the snoot. I was cutting and gluing till I had a nice collection of colourful discs, that I can fit into the snoot, and have the effect I like. I still have plenty of gels for the speed light, but for me, the snoot with colours, is more valuable than for use with the speed light.

Information: The system of gels for the speed light can be seen elsewhere in this e-book. I found it on and the brand name is Falcon Eyes. Using a special disc cutter for paper I cut out the ring and simply glued the gel to the ring of paper.

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