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LED Ring flash

Let there be light!

Now years later, and a revolution in the LED technology I got myself that ring flash, cheap... and it is not quite the same.
The ring flash seems and feels like plastic, it doesn't have the weight of quality. This LED flash is made of 32 LEDs. They can be adjusted on the scale - from the highest value, and then in steps down to 1/64 of full power. It's powered by 4 AA batteries. And being LEDs they don't eat up the batteries as fast as they would, compared to real strobes. For less than £20 you can find these LED flashes of several different brands looking very much the same.
There is a flash function, and a continuous light. Also, you can have the full ring flashing, or only half, left or right, (or up or down, depending on how you turn the ring flash.)
In the box I got in the mail, there were 8 or 10 rings to be screwed onto the lens filter thread. With that many different sizes, there was one for each of my lenses. On that ring, the ring flash is mounted. It simply just clicks on to the ring and can be turned easily, so you can have left and right, turned up and down instead. The plastic box with the buttons and led indicators, and most important the batteries are just to be fitted on the standard hot shoe. This of course is how the flash is triggered.
The ring flash can be taken off the lens and can be held in your one hand, if you need to, or like to, let the light come onto the object from the side or above. Just have the box mounted on the hot shoe and you can move the ring around as wanted, as far as the cable will reach.
Being cheap indicates that you will not get a ring flash like the ordinary. But depending on your need, they may be sufficient in build and light quality.

Information: For doing macro photography a ring flash is good for casting light all around the subject. While the LEDs make this model affordable, the quality is better in the classic ring flash with strobes. I do not know if you will find these suitable for your jobs, but if you expect the same quality as the strobes give you, then you will be disappointed. I bought one, and I rarely use it.

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