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Macro lenses

Talking macro photography, the best way is still a dedicated macro lens.
Macro lenses are generally of very good quality.
I have an 85mm macro lens, or micro as Nikon prefer to call it. It will take snapshots in a 1:1 ratio.
In the past, I have had a set of extension tubes, and in the future I will buy the bellow, that I have tried many years ago, and remember as being really great. Also, I have just tried the reverse ring system with a lens I usually don't use. With that spare lens, I can take photos, at a much closer point of focus.
A genuine macro lens is also good for portrait photography, as they give very sharp pictures. Fixed focal tends to give you the sharpest results. A macro zoom makes it easy to crop the motif and they are cheaper, but the quality is a bit lesser.
A conclusion is; Buy a fixed focal length macro lens, if you can afford it, the quality is simply better, and it can be used for other kinds of photography.

Information: A macro lens is the most expensive equipment for macro photography. The quality exceeds the other ways of taking macro photography, mentioned here in this e-book. I will though also recommend both the bellow and the reverse ring, where the latter is described here in the next chapter.

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