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Welcome to
This is the place where freelancers and employers meet.
Are you a freelancer looking for at job, maybe as programmer, or are you looking for work as a private teacher or tutor, then you can sign up as freelancer.
As employer you can join us, and put out job openings for freelancers to react on.

Everybody knows something, and everybody could gain on learning something new. What ever you can teach or what ever you will like to know, this is the place to find you teacher or you new employer.

You can open an account as eihter employer or as freelancer. is ment to be the connection point between employers and freelancers.

Any job, work and skills can be exchanged here. It is up to you.
This service of mediating is free. No fee or percentage is taken or asked for. Hope that you will find this website a positive experience.

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